What to Expect

IMG_2422Upon your first visit you will fill out a brief intake identifying your areas of concern, conditions and applicable medical history. We will discuss any injuries and specifics of your discomfort, ie frequency, intensity, what makes it feel better or worse. I may ask you what you do for work, what you do for exercise or stress reduction, and what your habits at home are. All of which give me clues into how you are using your body and allow me to customize our session to best fit your body and its specific needs.

I will then leave the room for you to undress to your comfort level and lay on the table between the sheets either face up or face down.

I encourage my clients to communicate any feedback during their massage about pressure, temperature, or anything else that comes up. It is your massage after all and my goal is for it to be pleasurable and productive.

When the massage is finished I will again leave the room, you will redress and then we will discuss a treatment plan and anything you might be able to do on your own, ie stretching, posture or exercise to help facilitate your healing.

At the end of your time is when you will pay any copays and schedule further appointments.